Epic Experiences,Thrilling Adventures and Dream Lifestyles

Crossing out items on a list is a bit overrated for me. Hence, let me do this the other way around—I will write down everything I’ve done or experienced in my life that I think are amazing (and maybe add something I really dream of doing). 

  1. Finish college with flying colors (2012).
  2. Get out of an unhealthy relationship and move on (finally!).
  3. Fall in love with the wrong person (twice-so far *eye roll here*).
  4. Be good at playing beer pong (ha!).
  5. Get a job I love and leave (2 years of so much love at my first job)
  6. Start my own business (shoe line and an agency).
  7. Travel solo abroad (Malaysia in 2013).
  8. Travel without planning (never been a fan of it anyway!).
  9. Travel solo for a year (2015). 
  10. Backpack in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan).
  11. Go ziplining (Philippines, Singapore, Thailand).
  12. Go ziplining from one building to another a la Tris from Divergent (Cebu, PH).
  13. Ride the Edge Coaster (Cebu, PH).
  14. Go bungee jumping (Bohol and Bukidnon, PH).
  15. Go parasailing (Boracay, PH).
  16. Go helmet diving (Boracay, PH).
  17. Learn skateboarding (Singapore).
  18. Bridge a distance while rollerblading (Singapore).
  19. Go fishing (Singapore).
  20. Bike from ECP to Marina Barrage and back (27.42 km, baby!).
  21. Drink at the Read Bridge in Singapore (it’s now banned!).
  22. Go atop the Marina Bay Sands (and dined, too!)
  23. Feel like Tinkerbell while watching the lights and sounds show at the Flower Dome (Singapore).
  24. Repeat 23 til addiction is satiated.
  25. Go hitchhiking (Asia).
  26. Attend an Indian wedding (Malaysia).
  27. Explore Petronas Twin Towers.
  28. Take a selfie with Petronas Twin Towers.
  29. Go to Aquaria in KLCC, Malaysia
  30. Get lost (Malaysia, 2013. I liked getting lost since then).
  31. Sleep in a monastery.
  32. Explore Thailand from South to North.
  33. Attend a Full Moon party (2015).
  34. Get drunk and not remember what happened the night before.
  35. Ride an elephant.
  36. Go white water rafting (CdeO and Davao, PH).
  37. Go water tubing (Thailand).
  38. Practice Buddhism (Thailand).
  39. Do yoga (Thailand).
  40. Learn to ride and drive a motorbike (Penang, Malaysia).
  41. Get an authentic Thai massage.

One thought on “Epic Experiences,Thrilling Adventures and Dream Lifestyles

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