12 FREEntastic Things To Do in Singapore

Marvel at the bewitching Gardens by the Bay

If there’s one word that always comes to mind whenever someone mentions Singapore, it will always be “expensive”. It is undeniably more expensive to travel in the island than the other neighboring countries, but who said you have to spend when you can fill your 3-5 day getaway with these free-ntastic activities.

1. Marvel at the bewitching Gardens by the Bay.

My favorite addition to the Singapore skyline, Gardens by the Bay is not your ordinary garden. Its claim to fame are the Supertrees, which as the name suggests are giant, albeit artificial trees, that uses solar energy to light themselves at night. You can watch their dancing lights lying on the ground or walking along the spiral Skyway suspended between Supertrees. Either way, you’ll feel like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan.

2. Get sun-kissed at Sentosa.

Get sunkissed at Sentosa

Whether you just want to lie down on the sand and get a tan, play volleyball and soak in the water after, or watch the sunset while sipping a nice and authentic Singapore sling, Sentosa is the place to be.

3. Stay (for) Wonder Full.

Wonder full in Singapore

Singapore skyline dances with colors for 13 minutes on weekend nights. This water and light show tells a story with state-of-the-art lasers. The good thing about this is you can view it from either side of the river. Sit along the Singapore River with an unblocked view of Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum or in front of MBS itself, you will surely love the play of lights and sounds.

4. Fly a kite or bike around Marina Barrage.

Fly a kite or bike around Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is one of my favorite places in Singapore. Aside from it being a reservoir built to control floods, it’s surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks where you find families picnicking, biking and flying (fancy) kites! It is a great place to watch the sunset with the Singapore Flyer as the background!

5. Take a stroll at the Helix Bridge.

5 Take a stroll at the Helix Bridge

My love for walking on a bridge and marveling on the view on both sides are taken to the next level as soon as I stepped foot on the DNA-inspired, world’s first double helix bridge, The Helix Bridge. Who said crossing the river has to be plain and boring?

6. Chill at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Chill at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Tired of the city’s hustle and bustle? Singapore Botanic Gardens is the ultimate escape, with you barely having to leave the city center to get there. This vast area of lush green lawns, picturesque ponds and delightfully pruned garden trails will leave you feeling closer to nature.

7. People-watch at East Coast Park.

People-watch at East Coast Park.

Being Singapore’s largest park, East Coast Park boasts of the numerous activities at a budget – from biking, to camping, BBQing, wakeboarding, skating, fishing and a lot more! Or you can just find yourself a comfortable spot and watch the gentle waves crash along the shore and get your hair windblown while celebrating how beautiful life is.

8. Appreciate Art in Transit

Appreciate Art in Transit

Taking the train to and from work is never boring in Singapore – thanks to the many different arts integrated in the different train lines, created by some of Singapore’s renowned artists. These masterpieces are surely worth looking at. Check out some of them I captured while in transit on the North East line.

9. Hike at Mt. Faber

Hike at Mt. Faber

One of the popular free things to do in Singapore is hiking – yes, hiking in the city. Doesn’t that sound fab? And when the trail is of Mt. Faber, then it’s an experience of its own. Stretched landscapes, murals beneath the platform, and large variety of flora and fauna pump in a lot of beauty. Trek during the day and stay until dusk for an extraordinary view of the city skyline.

10. Enjoy free concerts at The Esplanade

10. Enjoy free concerts at The Esplanade

The Esplanade is the place to go for free concerts. A myriad of performances spanning dance, theater, vocals, recitals and music are what you can expect to see whether it’s at the concourse area or the outdoor theater. Running out of creative ideas? Come and get pumped up!

11. Watch a movie under the light of a thousand stars

Watch a movie under the light of a thousand stars

Does watching a classic on a giant outdoor screen with a lot of strangers sound like your idea of fun? Then you should do Movie Mob! It takes the concept of drive-in movies to a whole new level, and the good thing about it? It allows you to pick the flick, too!

12. Hit the heritage trails.

Hit the heritage trails

Want to go all noodles and ni hao? Go to Chinatown. Craving spicy food and some Namaste? Go to Little India. Point is, walking around Singapore is like experiencing many countries and culture! Soak up the hipster vibes of Haji Lane or browse through rich fabrics and handicrafts on Arab Street.

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